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Leandria Jack Smith can provide you with a personalized voice critique. By simply sending a copy of your singing on an audio tape, CD, your critique can be sent to you.  You may choose to send a professional demo CD or a recording of you singing onto a cassette tape. For the home recording, you have the option of singing with an instrumental Karaoke track for this evaluation, or you may choose to sing acappella (your voice only with no instrumental accompaniment).

Once you mail your recording and receive email confirmation, you will receive a written professional assessment that will include practical advice on how to improve and also a few recommended vocal exercises and drills that are specific to what you need vocally.


Please include inside your package the following information:

Mail your song to the address below:

Silver Strand Studios
P.O. Box 34355
Bartlett, TN 38184-355

Your tape or CD WILL NOT BE RETURNED! DO NOT send your original and/or master, MAKE A COPY!  Include:


You can now take a Voice Lesson “on the go” or from the comfort of your own home or bedroom from any place in the world.

Please contact Leandria Jack Smith for more details.

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